The surgery aims to correct the flap of redundant skin and tissue seen under the  
upper arm when held out to the side. 
This frequently develops in patients following large weight reduction but may also  
occur in a slim person with increasing age and consequent increasing skin laxity. 
The main drawback of this surgery is the scarring which is usually along  
the inside of the upper arm and extends from the armpit to the elbow. 
Liposuction is frequently used as an adjunct to the surgery, though by itself will rarely be sufficient to correct the problem (and in many cases may actually make matters worse!). 
Further Information 
Excess thigh tissue may be the result of abnormal fat distribution, skin laxity, and being overweight. 
In some patients liposuction alone may be sufficient to correct the problem, in other patients especially in the inner thighs, a skin tightening procedure may be required. When skin tightening is undertaken the procedure is termed a thigh lift. 
Incision may be in the inner thigh crease alone or may include an extension downwards along the inner thigh. 
Occasionally in extensive thigh lift procedures the incision may extend all around the upper thigh, at the front being in the groin crease and at the back in the buttock crease. 
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